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Are your IT users stuck in the past, and do your nerds know how to handle them?

Is this clip early familiar. Do your users often have repeated stupid problems. Do your IT people get frustrated and yell at them? Has HR ever had to step in between IT and your users? If so It may be … Continue reading

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Do Your IT guys Exist?

Does your It guy have too much in common with Santa Claus?  I’m not talking about that strange guy who has a spare tire and a beard who works on your phone system and mutters under his breath about how everything should have … Continue reading

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Do you really need more speed in your servers?

I’m going to come out and admit that love Honda cars.  They get great gas milage, they are afordable, and best of all they are super reliable. Some people  want speed at the cost of all else.  Reliability, safety and storage are the … Continue reading

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Does your server rack look like this?

Does your server rack have something like this in it? Are the nerds explaining how its the next big thing in computing.  Has it been mostly empty for a while? You’ve been had, your money was wasted, and you should … Continue reading

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