Do Your IT guys Exist?

Does your It guy have too much in common with Santa Claus?  I’m not talking about that strange guy who has a spare tire and a beard who works on your phone system and mutters under his breath about how everything should have a command line.

Creepy phone guy should be fired too but that's another post...

Do your IT guys mysteriously appear and then quickly disappear at different times of the year?  Do they only show up with presents (or solutions) in the months of their choosing?  Do you letters and requests fall on bounced email addresses and filled voicemail?  If so you should fire your IT guys!

There are a number of signs that your IT guys do not actually exist and in making this post more “real” I’ve decided to use Houston based Iron Tech Solutions as an actual example of how to spot the key signs.

The first key sign that they are as mythical as the tooth fairy is if their website not only goes down but stays down for months.  This site in particular hasn’t been seen online by the Internet Wayback Machine since 2009, but they keep on trying to sign up new customers.

October is crunch time for toy making, wait a couple months....

The second step is the one way communication punctuated by only annual (or semi-anual if you practice Christmas in July) responses to clients.  To their credit this guy’s complaint was filed at 9:57PM so he clearly should have been in bed dreaming of sugar plum fairies rather than begging for a functional FTP server.

F is is for freaking awsome!

But we got all A's in History...

The last step in identifying if your IT is a “real boy” or belongs on the “island of misfit toys” is how they are viewed by the rest of the good boys and girls.  If the only proof of your existence is being on someone’s Naughty list its time to fire your IT guys.  For IT companies looking for help on actually being “real” online, I’d direct people to Red fish Blue Fish Media.  They do great work across all levels (website/social media/email campaigns/SCO).


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Just a hired gun just trying to set things right.
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2 Responses to Do Your IT guys Exist?

  1. pmdozes says:

    Post more.

    • Your wish is our command 🙂
      Seriously though, I’m back on projects and a little busy but I’ve got a good one planned.
      Guest submissions are appreciated and liked if anyone thinks the are up for the challenge of the funny.

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