Datacenter? We don’t need no stinking Datacenter!

Here at FYIG, we like Datacenters. Not just because we can bask in flourescent glory while hacking away at our favorite passtime (though that’s nice). Not even because we can work without fear of being asked whether the toner light on the printer means you should replace the toner cartridge. No, the reason we like datacenters, is because datacenter = vacation. The levels of reliability we can achieve actually afford us the opportunity to take a vacation without fear of what might happen in our absense.

Good datacenter facilities can be somewhat expensive however, and we often find that IT guys will go to great lengths to avoid having to either ask for more budget, or deny themselves the year’s server purchases. All too often we find business critical systems running in a broom closet, in the basement, or under an IT guy’s desk.

This is *not* where you want to find mission critical hardware

Ask yourself this: If you were to face an extended (>1 week) power outage at your primary office, where would you rather be? 1,000 miles away from ground zero sipping drinks with little toothpick umbrellas in them while surfing your E-Mail content with the knowledge that your systems are fine? Or running along the freeway brandishing a rack rail waving it in fury at FEMA trucks driving by in an attempt to re-hijack your generator delivery?

For those of you who chose option #2, we have a load of old server rails we will donate to your cause. For the rest of us, I think the need for reliability is clear.

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2 Responses to Datacenter? We don’t need no stinking Datacenter!

  1. Scott Bentz says:

    For some reason when reading the “running along the freeway brandishing a rack rail waving it in fury at FEMA trucks driving by” I thought of the creepy phone guy from the “Do your IT guys Exist?” post. hahaha. Seriously though if you think about how awesome a datacenter is it’s almost stupid not to be in one. Power redundancy.. check, lots of bandwidth….check, Multiple ISPs….check, fire suppression, earthquake resistant, air conditioned fortress with biometric controlled access…..check,check,check. I almost feel bad for taking advantage of them considering all the money they had to put into it, to get it going.

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